My trips


Hanover motorcycle trip
Pigeon Forge Honeymoon


Illinois motorcycle trip
Owensboro day trip
Evansville day trip
Ohio motorcycle trip


Fall motorcycle trip
Ertal Winery motorcycle daytrip
Summer motorcycle trip


Vegas vacation
Louisville motorcycle daytrip
Arkansas motorcycle trip


Gettysburg motorcycle trip
Madison, IN day trip
Bardstown, KY trip


Pigeon Forge trip
Madison, Indiana day trip
Wisconsin, Mississippi River motorcycle trip


Illinois drom box trip
Niagra Falls, New York motorcycle trip
Mountain City, TN motorcycle trip


Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Gulf Shores, AL motorcycle trip
Maysville, KY motorcycle trip
Maggie Valley, NC motorcycle trip
Corbin, KY concert trip


Outer Banks motorcycle trip
Louisville day trip
Bowling Green, KY motorcycle trip
Blairsville, GA motorcycle trip


Vevay motorcycle trip
Victory motorcycle retreival trip
Bardstown motorcycle trip
Georgia motorcycle trip


Pigeon Forge
Return to Preemption
Carrollton, KY motorcycle trip
South Dakota motorcycle trip


Minnesota Jeep road trip
Bardstown Suburban trip
Pigeon Forge motorcycle trip
Goshen motorcycle trip
Georgia motorcycle trip
Easter Suburban trip


Fall Goldwing motorcycle trip
Ohio motorcycle trip
North Carolina motorcycle trip
Whidbey Island work trip
Illinois Suburban trip
Michigan Suburban trip
Pigeon Forge Jeep trip

East 50 motorcycle trip
Pigeon Forge motorcycle trip
South Dakota motorcycle trip


Southern Indiana trip
Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle trip
Get Goldwing 2008
Gatlinburg Beetle trip
Operation Get Goldwing
Gatlinburg Jeep trip
Frankfort motorcycle trip
Asheville motorcycle trip

Somerset, KY Jeep trip
Kentucky motorcycle trip
Gatlinburg Jeep trip

Kings Island motorcycle trip
Dayton motorcycle trip
Asheville motorcycle trip

Colorado motorcycle trip

Others' trips - if you know of other motorcycle travel sites let me know and I'll add them to my list.

My brother's:
- 2015 50th birthday ride
- 2013 Kentucky
- 2012 South Dakota
- 2011 Pensacola
- 2010 Myrtle Beach

RV ponderance

Muthuh's Touring Adventures

Tundra Man

USA 4 Corners site - riding the corners of the USA in 21 days.

Life Is A Road site - Great motorcycle travel stories.

Iron Butt Association - Great stories of hardcore riding.

Chan Lipscomb's page - Great bike stories. Well-written and good pictures.

Jason Jonas' page - Great bike stories. An IBA rider.

Daniel Cohen's site - long trips, great stories, and lots of pictures.

Doug Grosjean's Alaska Trip Report

America's Byways

Popular rides

Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia/North Carolina) (Mapsource data)
Cherohala Skyway (Tennessee/North Carolina) (Mapsource data)
Deal's Gap - a.k.a. The Tail of the Dragon (Tennessee) (Mapsource data)
Natchez Trace Parkway (Tennessee/Alabama/Mississippi) (Mapsource data)
Talimena Scenic Byway (Oklahoma/Arkansas) (Mapsource data)
The Devil's Triangle (Tennessee)
The Trace (Kentucky/Tennessee) (Mapsource data)
Skyline Drive - immediately north of the Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia) (Mapsource data)
Back of the Dragon (Virginia)
The Snake (Tennessee)
The Toilet Flush - a ride we named ourselves. NC226 off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It drops over 1000 feet in 2 curvy miles. Then take NC226A (aka The Diamondback) for a curvy 13-mile ride back to the top. (North Carolina)
Great Smoky Mountain area - a collection of rides in the area
The Three Sisters (Texas)
San Juan Mountain Skyway (Colorado)
Pike's Peak (Colorado)
The Ohio Dragon (Ohio)
Mount Evans (Colorado)
Independence Pass (Colorado)
Going to the Sun Road (Montana)
California SR36 (California)
The Beartooth & Chief Joseph highways (Montana/Wyoming)
The Walden Loop (Colorado)
The Tunnel of Trees (Michigan)
The Triple Nickel (Ohio)
Arkansas Pig Trail (Arkansas)
Utah Hwy 12 (Utah)
Moki Dugway (Utah)
The Rattler (North Carolina)
Northeastern US/Canada rides - Courtesy of New England Riders
Vermont SR100 (points 1 to 9) and SR17 (points 5 to 6) (Vermont)
Rides I think would be fun
US 50 to the east coast. Taking US 50 west doesn't interest me that much. We did half of it in 2004. Update: Did it on this trip.

Key West, FL.

Northern River Road route that could include the Michigan penisula.

Southern River Road route that could include the Natchez Trace Parkway.

USA 4 Corners site - riding the corners of the USA in 21 days...but I'd like to take longer than 21 days.

Themed rides - These are rides where there is a common theme for the ride. A popular one is to visit Civil War Battlefields. Another is state capitals. Other themes could be local towns like Bedford, Fayetteville, Eureka, Mitchell, or Silverville. Names are also popular. Mine is Buford Standley Wright. If I had unlimited funding and vacation time I could do them all.

Here is a semi-realistic ride that encompasses many things:

- US 50 east to the coast
- Washington D.C. sites
- the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel
- many Civil War battlefields
- several themed places...names and cities
- Skyline Drive
- Blue Ridge Parkway
- Jack Daniels' distillery in Lynchburg, TN
- some of the Natchez Trace
- The Trace
- mostly US highways
- could easily accomodate other points of interest

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