2023 Michigan trip


- Our first 'family' vacation. It was great having Buford with us. My motivation was increased even more to finish our toyhauler project so Buford can go with us.

- Other than a little rain Friday afternoon the weather was perfect for the whole trip.

- I've always enjoyed going to Michigan. It's a beautiful state and very dog-friendly. As with New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, I wish they were better represented by their state governments.

- It's nice being retired and not having to plan a trip around a job.

- Donna was able to display her new Pyrex on shelves she already has. I was afraid she'd have more work for me. Ha!

- Like the Goldwing, the Sequoia was troublefree. We averaged 17.2 mpg for the trip. The Sequoia is a great travel vehicle. It's not as adventurous as the Goldwing, but having Buford with us is a nice tradeoff.

- Buford lost a couple pounds on vacation. I can't say the same for me.

- I was very happy with the 'motor inn' style motels we stayed in. They were all clean and comfortable. Only two of the four charged a dog fee.

- The Great Lakes would make a nice alternative to southern beaches.

- Of course, my favorite part of vacation is being with Donna. She is my precious. XOXOXXOXOXOXO

- We are already pondering another trip to check out RVs. Buford will also be going.

(Update: On our trip to look at RVs on June 1st we received a call from the vet regarding Buford's latest blood test. All his levels were normal! Our boy is healthy!!)

(Update 2: My dad spent ~10 days in the hospital with pneumonia, but is now at home.)

See you on the Highway!

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