2023 Michigan trip

Day 2

May 19

I was sleeping soundly when around 3am I felt something licking my face. Buford had to potty. He and I went on a walk around the dark and quiet motel.

We starting packing around 9:30 and that included one last trip around the motel with Buford. We walked to the Burger King next door for breakfast. Donna stayed outside with Buford. When I went outside Buford was getting bacon from both drive-thrus! So spoiled. That was sweet of them.

Our first stop today is dog-related. We are going to the William C. Sterling state park. The state parks in Michigan are dog friendly. The entry fee was $11.

Donna, Buford, and Lake Erie.

This place is nice and well maintained. We walked through the park section where I got my first experience with bagging poop. Then we walked through the camping section where Donna and I checked out the RVs. They also have cabins on the lake. It could be a nice getaway beach location and much closer than Florida or Gulf Shores and less crowded. The cool lake breeze felt nice.

Donna and I. I didn't realize how dorky I looked in the hat. I didn't wear it anymore. Of course, it might not be the hat's fault.

Park signage.

We decided to take a trail around the lake and almost immediately ran upon some deer. Buford didn't give them a second look. It was a long and enjoyable walk back to the car.

Occasionally we would meet someone else with a dog. Sometimes Buford was cordial and sometimes he would growl. He would mostly growl at the larger dogs. He is definitely an only child.

Buford was one of three dogs. My brother has Buford's brother, Linus, through marriage. Buford's sister went to a friend of Donna's mom, who then eventually gave it away to someone else. Sometimes I wish we had gotten Buford's sister so Buford could have a buddy in life.

Our boy is wore out. We go for occasional walks at home but he isn't used to this much constant activity. He'll get a lot of exercise this trip...as will we.

Belleville, MI. 10:34, mileage 110,754 - We stopped here to visit Antiques on Main but found it surprisingly closed, so we stopped for gas. This is a nice looking town on a lake. It seems peaceful. CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines run through here.

A few days later I was doing RV research and found that one of the travel trailers we were interested in was at a dealer here. I wish I had known that when we were here.

On the way out of town we noticed the antique store was now open so we stopped.

Donna didn't find anything here.

After ~130 miles of I-75 we arrived at the Freeland Antique Mall. It took us a couple drivebys to find the place. We had to use Google maps to pinpoint its location. Donna took Buford to see if they allowed pets.

They did! After hundreds of antique stores it was funny to see Buford walking down the aisle. Donna found a solar decorative pole for her garden. It will remind her of our first antique store adventure with Buford.

Our next stop was the Euclid Motel...our place for the next two days.

We layed around the room for awhile as some rain had moved in. This included Donna and Buford playing. They are both so happy together.

After the rain moved away we took Buford for a walk, then drove to a nearby Arbys for supper. The motel lot is mostly enclosed so we rarely leashed Buford. He is very well-behaved.

We spent the evening watching TV and playing with the dog. Tomorrow we have a lot of stops planned.

178 miles.

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