2023 Michigan trip

Day 5

May 22

Today is a short driving day with several stops...both antique stores and Goodwills. I really enjoyed this motel. It would be nice to stay longer and explore the area more thoroughly.

We took Buford for a walk then drove next door to Wooden Shoe Antiques. Donna added some more pyrex to her vacation collection. They had some pyrex sets in here but they were very expensive.

Our next stop was the Goodwill on Lakewood Blvd. We were in and out quickly.

Several miles down US31 we were slowed by construction. We followed an RV from Indiana. One thing that stood out to me was how high the RV was in the front because it was being towed by a lifted truck. That puts a lot of extra weight on the rear axle.

Once traffic started moving we were soon at our next Goodwill. Didn't find anything here either.

On the way back to the highway we stopped at a McDonalds for lunch. Buford is getting a piece of Donna's chicken.

Several miles down the road we turned off for the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. Time to walk the dog and see Lake Michigan. Along the way we saw a sign for an antique store in Saugatuck. Cha-ching! Another place to visit.

We found the park, paid the fee, parked, leashed the dog, then headed out. We followed a group of people who seemed to know where they were going. It's about a mile walk to the lake via a wooded trail. Some places are sandy which is a little harder to walk in. Near the end is a long downgrade. That's gonna suck on the way back.

Us at Lake Michigan. Three happy faces.

A nice view of Lake Michigan. It's hard to tell but it's a steep descent to the beach. We stayed on the bluff. The sand is deep here. Really hard to walk.

Buford didn't like the deep sand and kept heading for the grassy area. Bless his heart.

We are heading back up the long ascent. I was puffing by the time we reached the peak. Donna's muscles were hurting. Buford seemed fine. The railroad grade we walk on at home has almost no inclination. Buford tried to chase a chipmunk but it was too fast. He sucked down a bunch of water when we were back at the car.

A camper van had parked next to us and Donna was checking it out. Sometimes we ponder building a camper on the semi. Kind of like a big slide-in camper.

The Saugatuck Antique Pavillion was farther down the road than the sign alluded. Luckily for Donna we found it. She got a pyrex set here. We also purchased a puzzle.

Back in 5th/6th grade several of us boys used to read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries in our downtime. When I see them it harkens me back to simpler times. Sometimes I think about collecting the whole set for old times sake.

It was twenty or so miles to the Goodwill in South Haven. We were in and out quickly again.

Benton Harbor, MI. 14:14, mileage 111,299 - a quick stop for fuel.

The Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma.

The antique store was surrounded by a field of RVs so we decided to take Buford for a walk and check them out.

There were several acres of RVs. Mostly travel trailers. We're still pondering what we are going to get. Either a fifth wheel or a nice travel trailer. We walked through a couple. I want something with a king bed and 1 1/2 baths. This really limits you on travel trailers.

When we got back to the antique store Buford was on the leash so Donna asked if he was allowed in the store. He was! It's so funny seeing him trying to keep up with Donna. Now he knows how I feel...ha!

It was twenty or so miles to the Goodwill in South Haven. I scored a 22" Dell monitor here for $10. Donna got a hoodie and we bought a Michigan shirt for her daughter Kenya. She goes by the house every day while we're gone and feeds the cats.

Our last stop for the day was Elephants Breath Antiques. Closed.

It was a short drive to our motel...the Rodeway Inn. This was the nicest motel of our trip. There were no rooms available on the first floor so we ended up in Room 205. I wasn't sure how Buford would do on the stairs. No problem...he did better than the rest of us. Occasionally we'd hear a train horn...a sweet sound. I don't know if it was the lake breeze but this place had a great atmosphere.

We unpacked and threw on some comfortable clothes...pajamas...and took Buford for a walk down the block and around the motel.

Since we'd done so much walking today we decided to order pizza. We decided to try Jet's. When the girl delivered it Donna asked if she had any forks or napkins. She didn't, but she went back to the store and brought us back a sack full of knives, forks, napkins, and paper plates. Service! She got two tips. We need to remember to bring this stuff with us on future trips.

We ordered the 'all edge crust' deep dish pizza. This was the best pizza we've had. I still dream about it.

This bed was too tall for Buford to jump up on, so we put the foot stool next to it so he could get on the bed. We did the same last night with a chair angled towards the bed.

81 miles.

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