2023 Michigan trip

Day 6

May 23

Today is the last day of our vacation and time to head home. Normally we are excited to go home and see Buford. It's different now that he is with us. Our vacation is just moving from Michigan to back home. I really enjoyed the Rodeway Inn. It begs you to stay longer.

Our first stop for the day is Lookout Park. It is a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. It was only a couple miles from the motel.

Buford found some more mole runs to dig and Donna is wiping the dirt off him. He didn't find any.

We stopped at a convenience store for ice and drinks. Buford looks like he might be ready for a nap. Those walks wear the little feller out.

It didn't take long before we were back in Indiana. Indiana's roads aren't that great, but they are better than Michigan's. We've been through road construction since the day we left.

We stopped at a Goodwill in South Bend. They didn't have any computer monitors...or TVs...or hardly any electronics in general.

Twenty miles later we were at the Goodwill in Plymouth. As before, they had nothing. All we accomplished was walking Buford.

Buford in his happy spot...in his new bed in Donna's lap. It never took him long to fall asleep.

Our first antique store for the day was Petunias Antiques and Treasures in Rochester. I guess they are closed as the gate is shut and locked.

Several miles south of Rochester we saw a sign for Green Oak Antiques. It was about a half mile off the highway and not really worth it. Lots of crafty junk, furniture, and everything was expensive.

The Goodwill store in Kokomo was my last hope to find a Dell monitor. Nothing. Someone in the area must be selling them on Ebay or something. We took another stroll with Buford.

We took a lunch break at Burger King. Donna got her usual...Whopper w/cheese, pickle, and mustard. A couple Whopper Jr's for me...no cheese.

Our last pleasure stop for the day was the Treasure Mart Mall on the south side of Kokomo. We got a few things here. No pyrex.

From here it was highway time. I noticed they've built a new road (I-865) that connects northern I-465 to I-65. We made our way down IN-37 as it slowly becomes I-69.

Back in Lawrence County we stopped at Johnnys Junxion for drinks and fuel. The pumps were busy so we just got drinks. Donna walked Buford.

We stopped in Bedford at Subway for a couple Subway Clubs.

Bedford, IN. 16:48, mileage 111,595 - a quick fuel stop before we take the last few miles home.

Buford ransacking our bed with his new toy.

Once home we quickly transitioned back to 'normal' life. The cats were happy to see us. The yard could be mowed...but not today. We're still on vacation.

280 miles.

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